Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I tried something new, and you can win it!

Sometimes I see things flashing by me, either on the TV or on someone walking by on the street or in the store and I think to myself..."that's really cool, I'd like to try that". Sometimes I jot it down, or draw myself a picture of the way I'd like to try to design it myself and make it my own. Sometimes I rip pictures of colors, flowers, food and fabrics out of magazines and pin them up on the inspiration board in my office. I have them organized by season. Then I refer back to them when I'm stuck for an idea. I'm constantly inspired by the things around me. Flowers, paint swatches, food, the ocean. I pull color schemes and ideas from these things, and I find myself naming my pieces after them as well.
As far as designs, I subscribe to only two magazines. Step by Step Wire, and Bead and Button. Love to flip through them and teach myself a new technique. Sometimes  I go to the bookstore and look through Bead Trends and Stringing. Those are my other two favorites. There are so many different styles of jewelry and it's just so nice to see so many talented people all doing their own thing. 
I can't remember exactly where I saw something similar to this design I was thinking about in my head. I have that Wig Jig thing, and I never use it. I made this with my pliers. Ideally, to make this perfect for ME, I would add some of Jenelle's Lampwork Organic Seeds to this funky wrapped design, but for this practice run I used some really pretty Jade that I picked up at the Gem Show earlier this year. Then I wrapped the top and bottom loops with seed beads (which is my new favorite thing to do). 
I added a little drop charm to the bottom as well and strung it on a Steel Cable.
After I finished I reviewed it and made notes on how I can improve on it for the next time. It's not perfect but since it is really pretty, I thought that I could give it away!
Anyone think they would like to give it a good home? Here's what you have to do to enter to win it: 

1.  First you have to sign up to follow my Blog. I have over 400 followers on Facebook, but only 53 here so let's see if we can bump that up. (If you feel so inclined, you can also follow me on Twitter (MJMJD), and/or sign up to receive my newsletter - right here on the blog).
2.  Once you sign up to follow the blog, leave me a comment on this post telling me what your main source of inspiration is. You don't have to design jewelry, but I'm sure that people take inspiration from things for all sorts of different creative outlets. Tell me what your favorite is! I'm curious if people go about it the same way that I do and I'm sure there are many more ways that people use their creative minds out there. I'd love to hear your thoughts! You all inspire me too! :)

I'll assign all the comments a number and next Wednesday, July 14th at 6pm, I'll draw a winner at random and send you this cool necklace! (Free shipping for US residents only, please!). So go ahead, start commenting! :)


  1. I'm now following your blog and main source of inspiration is whomever I"m making something for. I don't currently sell my stuff, but I write a column about crafting for the paper where I work and whenever I know someone needs something (baby blanket, charity auction item) I get inspired to do well for them.

  2. I love the necklace! It's really wonderful! I take inspiration mostly from nature, but also from the beads themselves. The wonderful colours and textures bring themselves to life in my hands. {if I was to win, I would pay for shipping since I am in Canada, I don't mind! really!}

  3. I get my inspiration from the occasion I am creating the item for. I try to place myselef in the position of the person receiving the item and how if I was them how I would want to see the item and how I would feel receiving it. I try to picture what they're emotions are during this event in their life and put the essence of that into the basket I am creating. I also love colors and combining colors, even when I am creating a food basket I try to pick packaging that coordinates with one another and plays off one another to give that WOW factor.

  4. Ok, I must say that My 2 main inspirations are Etsy, whether it is showcases or treasuries. And it really doesn't have to be jewellery. Any item' shape or colours can do. And country house magazine, or any yummy decoration magazine...I'm like a sponge when it comes to visual inspiration, I need to take a lot in. That's also why I pop into my local library quite a bit! ^_^ Virginie from

  5. My inspiration is to do for others. I am so blessed and grateful for what I have that I like to bring smiles to others that are less fortunate, whether it's thru the many charity's I volunteer for or simply making a blanket to keep someone warm! Beautiful piece Kristen!

  6. Love love the necklace!!!! I'm inspired by clothes or outfits... The styles and colors spark my creativity.

  7. I am inspired by my girls - they have such a huge curiosity for everything. They fascinate me!

  8. Inspiration surrounds me...I love watching and listening,and truly try to learn from everyone I surround myself with. My children, friends and family. I can see the smallest of things and be inspired. I can hear the way a stranger is rude to someone and it inspires me to be kind..I see a old couple walking hand and hand and it inspires me to be a good wife. Everything big or small , everyday is an inspiration really. Don't you think?..Life for me is about living it to the fullest. Without regrets ...Without inspiration, I would have nothing to give and strive for. It makes us learn, and grow, no matter what your age...

  9. love the necklace! love love. I take my inspiration from my surroundings. I try to connect to the energy and beauty of the moment and in the here and now. Always trying to make the best of what your are given ...and turn it into something inspiring..

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  11. I get my insporation from.... YOU!!!!

  12. Kristen, You are so blessed in so many ways. One of them is your creativity, it's endless! You inspire all of us to create more!

  13. I absolutely LOVE the necklace. I can't imagine how you'd improve on it.

    I get my inspiration from lots of places, but mostly nature. I love the ocean so have many beads that are ocean related. As you know I make glass beads, so oftentimes I'll just pick up random rods of glass & see what I can come up with.

  14. I love to be inspired... by nature... The colors & sights.
    I wish I had yo talent to be able to put beads together and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!


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