Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please follow along...

I've noticed that Blogger has changed the format for followers and I lost a few of you! If you have a chance, check the left hand column under "Are you following me?" and follow my blog! I'm going to enter each person's name that is following my blog into a hat on March 10, and draw out a lucky winner for a pair of earrings (TBD). So wont you follow along? :) Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know that you've signed up.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Earring Designs...

I'm getting back into the swing of things by making a whole bunch of cool earrings. I love every single pair of these! I hope you do too!

"Fresh Rain"
"Dirty Martini"
(I can't take credit for the idea, but this particular design is mine)
"Earth's Orbit"
"Garden Party"
"Drops of Jupiter"
More to come as I am feeling a bit better every day! Please check back!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down and out!

So sorry for the lack of updates here this week. I have caught some version of the flu and I have been in bed since last Wednesday! The kids were off from school this week and they must have all brought home something different because I was just miserable. By Wednesday afternoon I had a 101 degree fever, the chills, some other unpleasantries, and I hauled myself up to bed. The fever and aches continued as well as a massive headache! The pressure in my ears was so bad, I thought that they would blow right off the sides of my head. As of yesterday the chest congestion started breaking free and now I just have a sinus issue. Today is the first day I was able to shower and walk around. It's really knocked me out! Thank goodness my husband was able to step up and help me out. Unfortunately he needed to take a couple of days off from work but I never ask him to do that unless I really need it.

So I'm trying to get back on track here! I still have remnants of a head cold (and a slight touch of Vertigo - I get it when my ears get blocked) and I have jewelry to make! I have to bring pieces up to MA this weekend and I have a home show to get ready for in early March.

I made two pairs of really cool earrings today. Since it's pouring rain outside - again, I will take pictures of them tomorrow and show them to you. I will probably hold off on listing anything new on Etsy for a bit so I can start to build my inventory for the shows but as always, if you see something that you like, you can just contact me and I can make a reserved listing for you. Check back tomorrow, I'm excited to show these earrings! If I can stand it, I may sit and try to make another pair too! There are a ton of new pieces still up in my Etsy store, and a lot are on sale! Swing by and check them out and I'll have pictures up here tomorrow to share. Have a great night!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Big Disappointment...

Ok, well I have been saving up and waiting patiently for the Bead Show today. As I said, I am very low on my silver supply and I love to hand pick the pieces that I add to my designs. I walked in and did a quick scan of the tables there. I saw on the exhibitor's list a couple of the local lampwork artists that I frequently buy from and so I stopped at their tables and made a couple of purchases first. Then I walked around the rest of the room, looking for what I went there to get... Silver. Guess what? There was no silver...none. Not a Silver Vendor in sight. I almost had a heart attack! I asked around and someone said that both vendors that were supposed to be there either dropped out or didn't show up. Ugh! Nice. Oh well, there is another Gem show in March that I have already put on my calendar and made plans to attend but I'm stuck for another few weeks anyway.

Here's a picture of the goodies that I did pick up! Some beautiful lampwork beads made by local artists. You know how I love my glass! I'll be getting to work creating some lovely pieces incorporating these beautiful beads! :) But that's it! My very meager finds. Although they are beautiful, they didn't quite scratch the itch... back to the drawing board! :)
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I've been very busy and have not had much time to sit and create jewelry but I am going to a Gem show today - FINALLY! It seems like forever since I have been to one and I am seriously low on Silver! I just love wandering around the various tables looking at all the goodies! I'll be back later on with a sneak peak at all my good finds! I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of Tulips that I took yesterday. It's a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner and they are a beautiful reminder of what is in store for us soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Computer woes and something to make me feel better!

I've been fighting with my computer for days now. I'm just beside myself. All the ice this winter has weakened the roof in the room where I have my computer and now that it's thawing, there is a small leak in the window area. So I decided the other day to move my desk away from the window to protect my computer in the event that the leaking gets worse. Well, at 11pm the other night, I did just that. Moved the desk 5 feet. I unplugged the computer and when I went to plug it back in, it would not turn on. Ugh, utter devastation! I immediately went into a panic. Apparently, the power wires came out of the "switch" inside the unit and once my husband took it apart he was able to "Hot Wire" it back together and then it turned on again. What I was doing the whole time he was working on it was being sick in the bathroom! ha ha It's terrible to be so attached to an inanimate object! Well, it's on, but I can't turn it off now because I am afraid it wont turn back on again. So for now, I have it running but I am going to need to purchase a new CPU unit at some point because I'm sure it's not going to last forever. I am on borrowed time for sure. But at least he got it running and I was able to back up the few things that I had done before this all started. I am breathing a sigh of relief over that!

The something to make me feel better is this bracelet and earring set I made last night with Jena Fulcher's Amethyst and Lime glass beads! I love this set! I'm calling it Twisted Iris, because the variety of beautiful purple and green colors are those that are found in the beautiful Iris flower, with a twist because there is a spotted leopard floral bead in there and I added some antique silver twist beads and wrapped it all together with a Hill Tribe silver toggle clasp! Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful! Ah, Happiness! For the time being!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Practice makes perfect!

I did it! I made the piece I wanted to after being inspired by the new Wire Jewelry Magazine! I sat for three hours and wrapped wire into these beautiful links which I connected to make a chain for this necklace. The glass beads are Catherine Ondrey's and are one of my favorite colors! I used some Bali Spacers and a really cool Bali clasp! I love it! I'll definitely make more of these, as soon as my fingers stop hurting... wire wrapping is painful sometimes! :) So what do you think?

I do have to apologize for the pictures. I'm not myself lately. The cold makes me shiver, but the sun is the best light for Boro beads. I think my pictures are a tad blurry! And the shadows really aggravate me too, but I can only work with what I've got for now! Spring will be here before I know it and my pictures will improve, I promise! Ok, next up is a really pretty bracelet made with a set of beads that I purchased from Deb Rosely. When I bought them, my intention was to string them together as I saw them for sale. I just loved the colors together, and I decided that I wanted to see what happened when I just let the glass work it's magic! I added Bali Silver cones and a toggle and also some Hill Tribe Silver curved beads. The Swarovski Crystals are in a Vintage Rose, and Crystal AB color. I think it turned out great! Finally, Gorgeous beads made by Jenelle of SFD! I love these beads! I used my favorite big pewter balls and Swarovski Crystals in Smoked Topaz, Copper, and Jonquil and finished it with a hammered toggle clasp! Love, love, love it!
I've had a few hours of quiet today, but it's quickly coming to an end! I'll be making more jewelry tomorrow and hopefully getting these bracelets listed on Etsy! I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New idea!

I just got the new Wire Jewelry Magazine and I have been throwing together a new piece in my brain! So excited to get to work on it! Good thing there is a two hour Grey's Anatomy on tonight. I already told the family that I'm plopping myself in my bed, with the TV on and a bunch of wire in my lap... lots of wrapping to do! As soon as it's completed, it will be posted here! YAY! I love being inspired! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A look to the Heavens...

The stars aligned and these beautiful pieces of jewelry were born! I'm so happy with the way these turned out! As I have mentioned previously, I have been receiving so many new beautiful glass sets and I've been inspired to create some truly Heavenly jewelry!

First up is a lovely set of Celtic earrings. I'm naming them Egan's as that was my grandparents name. I've made many Celtic pieces and since this is a design I think I will use over and over, I'm going to give them a Family name. They feature Olivine Swarovski Crystals, Mother Of Pearl Donuts, and dangling pewter Celtic pieces. These are so pretty! Made my mom a pair and one for myself too! :) I think my grandmother would have really liked these!
Next is a gorgeous set of sunflower beads! I got these from Jen of Zbeads. I saw them and although they are not something I would normally purchase, I just HAD to have them! Something about the black and white polka dots on them and how the black really made the Sunflowers just POP off the beads! I asked Carey to make me some matching rounds to incorporate in to the design which compliment it so nicely! I'm not sure you'll see my vision for the name of this set, but I'm calling it Pretty Woman. It's one of my favorite movies and these beads just remind me of the brown polka dotted dress and the big hat that Julia Roberts wore in that scene at the horse races. Although her dress was brown, I've added in some Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystals in the charms that dangle near the Silver Sunflower box clasp. The other crystal colors in this piece are Crystal AB, Jonquil and Jet. I just love it! Finally is this piece that I have been torturing myself about. I purchased all of the materials for this piece with the intention of making it for myself. The lampwork glass beads were made by Susan Sheehan. The name she gave them was Cosmo, I assume after the drink - perfect! I'm naming this set Cosmic Love, to give my own spin on it. Plus it all just came together exactly as I had imagined it to in my mind. It was fate. I've added Swarovski Crystal charms featuring Ruby and Rose crystals. Hill Tribe Silver flowers, and a Live Love Laugh Silver Charm that dangles near the big chunky silver toggle clasp. The extra floret beads were made into matching earrings with dangling charms. I LOVE THIS BRACELET! Since I don't wear a lot of pink and I'm the farthest thing from selfish, I have decided to let it go. The good news I was going to share with you a couple of weeks back was that my work has been accepted at a new shop opening in Newburyport, MA in April of this year. I'll be bringing pieces up to place in the store at the end of this month. Cosmic Love will be one of those pieces. I would love for it to go to a good home and I know that it will soon sit comfortably on someones lucky wrist! Watch out Susan, I'm coming back for more beads! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick Update...

I know I promised pictures today, but I totally forgot that we were having our new cable installed today. Out with the Dish and In with the UVERSE! Well, needless to say my phone/Internet connection was down the majority of the day. I will be taking some pictures tomorrow of the new pieces and I'll have them posted hopefully before noon! Promise :) Please check back!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happiness is...

With one child in the house and the other two off with my hubby at the Superbowl party, I've had a few hours to create this evening. I'm so happy! I made a great pair of earrings, a BEAUTIFUL bracelet with some really cool and different sunflower beads and another bracelet which I am still undecided if I am going to offer for sale or not. I purchased the beads for myself, and all of the components to make myself something to wear for the spring. I am absolutely in love with it. I will ask my husband in the morning whether he thinks I should share it or if he would like to buy it for me for Valentines Day! Either way, I can recreate it if someone else would like one. Please check back in the morning for pictures and more details! I think right now, since I have gotten my littlest man to go to sleep that I might take advantage of the quiet and get some well deserved rest myself! I'll be thinking of names for my new sets as I drift off, it's when I do my best designing, so please check back tomorrow!