Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Big Disappointment...

Ok, well I have been saving up and waiting patiently for the Bead Show today. As I said, I am very low on my silver supply and I love to hand pick the pieces that I add to my designs. I walked in and did a quick scan of the tables there. I saw on the exhibitor's list a couple of the local lampwork artists that I frequently buy from and so I stopped at their tables and made a couple of purchases first. Then I walked around the rest of the room, looking for what I went there to get... Silver. Guess what? There was no silver...none. Not a Silver Vendor in sight. I almost had a heart attack! I asked around and someone said that both vendors that were supposed to be there either dropped out or didn't show up. Ugh! Nice. Oh well, there is another Gem show in March that I have already put on my calendar and made plans to attend but I'm stuck for another few weeks anyway.

Here's a picture of the goodies that I did pick up! Some beautiful lampwork beads made by local artists. You know how I love my glass! I'll be getting to work creating some lovely pieces incorporating these beautiful beads! :) But that's it! My very meager finds. Although they are beautiful, they didn't quite scratch the itch... back to the drawing board! :)

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