Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down and out!

So sorry for the lack of updates here this week. I have caught some version of the flu and I have been in bed since last Wednesday! The kids were off from school this week and they must have all brought home something different because I was just miserable. By Wednesday afternoon I had a 101 degree fever, the chills, some other unpleasantries, and I hauled myself up to bed. The fever and aches continued as well as a massive headache! The pressure in my ears was so bad, I thought that they would blow right off the sides of my head. As of yesterday the chest congestion started breaking free and now I just have a sinus issue. Today is the first day I was able to shower and walk around. It's really knocked me out! Thank goodness my husband was able to step up and help me out. Unfortunately he needed to take a couple of days off from work but I never ask him to do that unless I really need it.

So I'm trying to get back on track here! I still have remnants of a head cold (and a slight touch of Vertigo - I get it when my ears get blocked) and I have jewelry to make! I have to bring pieces up to MA this weekend and I have a home show to get ready for in early March.

I made two pairs of really cool earrings today. Since it's pouring rain outside - again, I will take pictures of them tomorrow and show them to you. I will probably hold off on listing anything new on Etsy for a bit so I can start to build my inventory for the shows but as always, if you see something that you like, you can just contact me and I can make a reserved listing for you. Check back tomorrow, I'm excited to show these earrings! If I can stand it, I may sit and try to make another pair too! There are a ton of new pieces still up in my Etsy store, and a lot are on sale! Swing by and check them out and I'll have pictures up here tomorrow to share. Have a great night!

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