Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A look to the Heavens...

The stars aligned and these beautiful pieces of jewelry were born! I'm so happy with the way these turned out! As I have mentioned previously, I have been receiving so many new beautiful glass sets and I've been inspired to create some truly Heavenly jewelry!

First up is a lovely set of Celtic earrings. I'm naming them Egan's as that was my grandparents name. I've made many Celtic pieces and since this is a design I think I will use over and over, I'm going to give them a Family name. They feature Olivine Swarovski Crystals, Mother Of Pearl Donuts, and dangling pewter Celtic pieces. These are so pretty! Made my mom a pair and one for myself too! :) I think my grandmother would have really liked these!
Next is a gorgeous set of sunflower beads! I got these from Jen of Zbeads. I saw them and although they are not something I would normally purchase, I just HAD to have them! Something about the black and white polka dots on them and how the black really made the Sunflowers just POP off the beads! I asked Carey to make me some matching rounds to incorporate in to the design which compliment it so nicely! I'm not sure you'll see my vision for the name of this set, but I'm calling it Pretty Woman. It's one of my favorite movies and these beads just remind me of the brown polka dotted dress and the big hat that Julia Roberts wore in that scene at the horse races. Although her dress was brown, I've added in some Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystals in the charms that dangle near the Silver Sunflower box clasp. The other crystal colors in this piece are Crystal AB, Jonquil and Jet. I just love it! Finally is this piece that I have been torturing myself about. I purchased all of the materials for this piece with the intention of making it for myself. The lampwork glass beads were made by Susan Sheehan. The name she gave them was Cosmo, I assume after the drink - perfect! I'm naming this set Cosmic Love, to give my own spin on it. Plus it all just came together exactly as I had imagined it to in my mind. It was fate. I've added Swarovski Crystal charms featuring Ruby and Rose crystals. Hill Tribe Silver flowers, and a Live Love Laugh Silver Charm that dangles near the big chunky silver toggle clasp. The extra floret beads were made into matching earrings with dangling charms. I LOVE THIS BRACELET! Since I don't wear a lot of pink and I'm the farthest thing from selfish, I have decided to let it go. The good news I was going to share with you a couple of weeks back was that my work has been accepted at a new shop opening in Newburyport, MA in April of this year. I'll be bringing pieces up to place in the store at the end of this month. Cosmic Love will be one of those pieces. I would love for it to go to a good home and I know that it will soon sit comfortably on someones lucky wrist! Watch out Susan, I'm coming back for more beads! :)


  1. beautiful pieces Kristen!!! I love them!!!!

  2. Oh Kristen! They are all so lovely! You do lampwork beads proud. That bracelet with the sunflowers is the cutest thing ever. LOVe the polka dots. Congrats on getting into the gallery

  3. Dear Kristen, I'm an italianwomen who loves so much to make handmade jewelery! But yours creations excedee all imagination! I loved all, I wish put your blog on mine, if you agree, of course.

  4. Beautiful designs Kristen--love all the pretties in your esty stor too! You have a great eye for color and design!


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