Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bangles, Bangles and more...

These are my favorite kind of bracelets to make. They are so elegant and different and I have a ton of them in my own collection. I wear them with EVERYTHING! They have enough silver to be fancy, and the glass focals really pop! All of these were made by the talented Melissa! I LOVE her beads! My favorite is the Green one with the Celtic charm. Oh man, I'm struggling with letting this one go! It's so me! These were a special request for the Sister's We Three shop, and I know that they will love the variety that is heading their way this weekend. In addition to that today, I made some great earrings and ring bracelets with Carey's fabulous beads and a very cool pendant with Jena's awesome beads.
As stated in my newsletter that went out today, I will be stocking my store in the coming weeks, I just needed to get this inventory made and on it's way. I have some really pretty new things to add to the store so please be sure to check back in the next week for more jewelry! I can't believe I'm saying it, but it's Thursday again... where does the time go? I have my three hour stretch in which to create tonight, even though I made all of this today already! I can't wait to keep this ball rolling!


  1. These are all absolutely stunning. I absolutely adore your jewelry.

  2. wow, they look great, that is a lot of work girl..

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate that! :)

  4. Hola Kristen, love the glass rings with the silver ringed bracelets...i think those are going to be hot on Etsy. Keep up the great work sista!!

    My best, Jacky

    PS...don't you love it when you have those chunks of free time in front of you in which to create. It's the best :>

  5. Everything is so pretty Kristen!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You have been busy my friend!

  6. I love making glass links and have been making them since 2008. They've recently appeared in a book entitled Earrings Earrings Earrings by Barb Switzer (editor of BeadStyle Magazine).

    Your bangles are beautifully crafted, the design enhances the lampwork beads. Lovely work.

    Cindy Gimbrone


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