Saturday, April 25, 2009

New background...

Well I LOVE IT! Not sure what the rest of you will think, but I'd really love some feedback! My husband likes it, but I'm not sure if he is saying that because he really does, or if he is afraid to sleep on the couch tonight! ha ha Just kidding! PLEASE BE HONEST! I loved my blog before, thought it was quite classy... so if you think that was better then I'll go back!

Thanks so much to Lynn (Brilynn) for directing me to Cristi's Creations! She has some really beautiful ways to enhance your blog by giving it a background! All she asks in return is for a comment on her blog and a link on yours, so Cristi - Thank you so much for making such nice backgrounds and letting people use them free of charge. Nice!

Let me know what you all think of this new design of mine. Keep in mind, I have a three column blog, so some of the words on either side column may be hard to read if it lands on part of the pattern. I've changed all the font colors to black and you can read away if you just scroll! It's the pictures that are important and you can see those just fine!

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  1. Hey there miss Kristen!!! It seems like forever since I talked with you last!! I like the new's bright and cheery....
    Miss you!!!


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