Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday already!

Hi all! It's been a crazy week here, so busy with a multitude of things and today the weather is crappy and I was hoping to take some pictures of the new jewels I made this week! With the help of my sister, Sarah, I have managed to make about 10 pairs of earrings, 6 beautiful curved bead necklaces and I worked on some custom orders. And you know what today is... Thursday - my favorite TV night! I am planning on making some ring bracelets later and then go from there. I'm so overwhelmed but SO happy to be making some headway! I'll post pictures when the sun comes out tomorrow, it's far too rainy outside to even attempt it between drops.

Hope you have a great night, I'm thinking of running another contest soon! Let's see how many people sign up to follow my blog in the next week and then I'll run another giveaway. I moved the sign up box right under my mailing list sign up in the right hand column, So tell all your friends to stop by and sign up! Go go go!! :)

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