Friday, March 13, 2009


Did I promise you pictures of new jewelry? Well here they are! I've been a very busy girl getting ready for this show tonight. All of these pieces are going with me and hopefully off to new homes. After tonight, I need to focus on getting the MA store all stocked and ready to go with my jewels and that will be what pretty much consumes my time from next week until April 1!
Saturday morning is the Gem show, that I've been anxiously waiting for! I know that there will be silver vendors there this time. If not, I'm going to throw the biggest temper tantrum that one has ever been witness to! ha ha
In some of the pieces below, you will see some handmade chain maille that I have been working on. I absolutely love the way the chains came out, and I am sure that I'll have more requests for those so I promise to make a supply of them for my Etsy Store. The chain maille is kind of time consuming, but the end result is totally worth the effort!
Hope you all have a great day! I'll be back with an update tomorrow!


  1. Good luck! I am sure you will sell out of everything because everything is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I wish I had your confidence! :)


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