Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter has officially arrived!

As you know I am not a huge fan of Winter. I really can't stand being cold! Friday we got about 12" of snow here and then yesterday another couple on top of that. It changed over to freezing rain last night so the kids have a school delay today. I managed to go out early this morning and snap a couple of pretty pictures before the snow blows off the trees and makes more of a mess!
First is our Holly Tree, which I love in the winter but hate in the summer because the leaves fall and they are really sharp! But it's beautiful with snow!

Next are the icicles hanging off the back of our house. They will be melting in the next few hours as the sun comes up and heats them, which means I better get out the ice melter for later on when the water refreezes on the steps below! Or I'll surely be making a trip to the ER for Christmas because someone will fall and injure themselves, probably ME!

And finally for Carey, a picture of the back deck of our house showing all of our snow so far. The kids have already tramped through it last night! The pathway is for our cat that likes to go outside. She freaks out in the winter because she has nowhere to go, so we snowblow her a path all the way around the house so she doesn't go stir crazy inside! It's only the beginning of Winter so this is sure to stack up in the coming months! Stay warm everyone! I'll have a couple of jewelry pictures later this afternoon. I made a REALLY cool gift for my hairdresser, you'll want to check this out!

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  1. Yay!!!!! Snow pictures!!! I love snow pictures!! Send some of that down my way!!! Thank you so much for posting these Kristen! I know you dont like it, but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL :) :) doing the happy dance!

    Also...thank you sooooo much for my beautiful Birthday present :) your are the BEST :)


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