Monday, December 8, 2008

Nice Try!

Oh my gosh, here is an update from my last post this afternoon. Like I said, I was contacted by a gift shop to bring some of my jewelry and so off I went with my bag of goodies figuring that they would take a few pieces to start with and see what happened. WELL! I left there feeling Naked! And by that I mean in a good way. They told me that they wanted it ALL! ha ha I have no glass pieces left in my possession! I guess winding down is not an option at this point! YAY!

Ok so now you can find my work locally at:
5A Glen Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Ann is going to stop by in the next few days to see how they have me all set up! If she takes a picture with her cell phone, I'll post it up for you to see! Guess I better get back to WORK! :)


  1. How exciting Kristen!!!! YAY!!!! Your work is absolutely stunning, I am sure it will do fabulously there!
    YAY :)

  2. Congrats!!! That is super exciting. You deserve it as your work is beautiful!


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