Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank you Jenelle!

I must say a quick Thank You to Jenelle of SortaFloweringDesigns. I sent her a picture of the bracelet I made with her beads and she did a whole write up on me on her blog!
You can check it out by clicking HERE!
Jenelle, that was really nice of you! Thanks so much!
You should also check out Jenelle's blog and bead shop. She is also a musician, and VERY talented! There is a lot to see and check out on her site, so wont you take a few moments to visit her blog and see where you go from there! You wont be sorry! Mark it as a favorite, you'll get hooked right away!
Also just a note for new readers about the amount of inventory I have in my Etsy Store since I have been getting a lot of new hits on the site. The store has a very small amount of jewelry at the moment, due to the holiday shows I have coming up and the displays that I have placed in various stores. Please don't let that discourage you from coming back and visiting often to see new things. You can see more of what I have made by visiting the previous pages of my blog and don't fret, I'll have lots more to add in the coming weeks!!
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  1. OMG! Great beads Kristen, and thank you for introducing a new bead designer (to Me). She makes nice beads! Are those her beads in the quartz mountain bracelet?

  2. Jenelle and her husband make awesome beads! The Quarta Mountain beads were purchased at a local Bead show. They are very cool, I love that style and hope to make more with them soon!


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