Monday, July 28, 2008

Ocean themed evening!

Ann and I sat down last night and first cleaned my office. It was a DISASTER!!! But now everything is in it's home and ready to be used in creations such as these...

We made everything ocean related last night. None of these pieces will be anywhere for sale, as they are Ann's payment for her hard work with me at the wedding. However, I can recreate any of these styles with beads of your choosing. I have a TON of beads to share with you all, just waiting for the inspiration!

The first is made with Catherine Ondrey's Monet Blue glass beads. Of course, we added all kinds of sea life charms and even a Fish Hill Tribe Clasp! I believe this will be one of Ann's favorite daily bracelets.

Next, we have the Ocean Wave series of beads made by Heather Powers of Humblebeads. These are clay beads that are truly one of a kind. I made the necklace and matching bracelet and earrings with Swarovski Crystals in Pacific Opal, Chrysolite and Indicolite. It's a killer set, isn't it??

The last, but most definitely not least is our FABULOUS Sassy O's from Carey of Sassy Stoppers! I used seed beads in the best colors to make a wonderful lightweight necklace. This one is Ann's, but mine will be made to match (yes, I have one too!) as soon as I get more seed beads, I kinda ran out!

OK, that's all for now... be sure to check back tomorrow as I have some free time to create today! Have a good one!


  1. YES ..... These are MINE!!!!! You will need to pry them from my cold,dead hands to get them for yourself.... Better yet Just ask Kristen and she can make you your own set too....

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! Ann...I need to come over and borrow some jewelry :) :)
    Kristen, your post is just what I needed to perk up my mood! I love all the pieces!!! Those clay beads are just stunning (and all my favorite colors)!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!!! I love the silk ribbon too!!!! just love it!!!
    I want to come over and make jewelry with you guys!

  3. OK, our next contestant is... CAREY... COME ON DOWN!!! :)
    You are welcome to join us in a jewelry session any time. It's actually quite fun!!
    I can't wait until your exams are over, then we can schedule our play date! :) Glad I could improve your mood, now if I can only improve my own... :)

  4. What is wrong with your mood?????
    We gotta fix that....beads will help your mood....go and play with some of your beads!
    I love beads :)
    I'll be so thrilled when these dreadful exams are over too! ugh!

    I just called you and left a message :)


    Hi Ann :)

  5. Hi Kristen, I really love the ocean themed pieces, especially the ones with the silks? is it? I bet you'd sell alot of those styles if you post some in your shop. Beautiful colors! So tell me, are you, Ann, and Carey really friends in person or just play in up on-line? I'm curious!

  6. Hey Cindy!
    Thanks so much for the comments on the jewelry. I agree, I know that it would be a hit in the store, so I'm currently working on some similar styles to offer up for sale. Ann, Carey and I have developed a friendship just online talking to each other and we have discovered that we all have a lot in common! So lifelong friends we will be! We are all so much alike and enjoy talking and getting to know each other better. Right ladies? Anyone want to add anything? :)
    Thanks again Cindy! Glad you stopped by to check things out! I have more in the works, so come back and visit again soon!

  7. Oh and Ann Marie is my best friend in the whole world. More like a sister, really...
    Don't know how life would exist without her. I have so much fun with Ann, that my husband often comments on how he has "two" wives! ha ha Only when he gets in trouble! It's all good!

  8. Hi Kristen and Cindy!!! (and Ann :))

    We have totally become online BFF's via etsy and blogging (and shopping LOL) :) It's just really not a fair friendship ...see....Ann and Kristen get to get together and play with beads and make jewelry....I have to sit WAAAAAAYY down here in Maryland and hear about all the fun...I dont actually get to hang out with the girls and be apart of the action :(
    Working on changing that :)
    When was the next scheduled "girls night out???"


  9. Thanks for the replies, you guys! I find this blog thing really interesting and fun!

  10. Yes , We are REALLY friends!!!!!! Kristen and I are like sisters... And we now have adopted Carey, so I guess you can now call us triplets....

  11. YAY!!!!!! Triplets!!!!! :) :) :)

  12. ha ha, Oh boy! Trouble, Trouble and More Trouble is more like it! ha ha I can tell that the three of us together can cause some SERIOUS damage! :)


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