Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cucumber Melon!

It seems to me that the best photo's are taken in natural light, preferably sunlight. Today there is NO sun, and nothing but rain forecasted for the entire day. However, I am a woman of my word and there was a 3 minute break in the raindrops so I quickly grabbed my camera, and my newest creation and ran outside for a quick photo. Mind you the colors are not as vibrant as I would have liked but you can get the idea of what the bracelet looks like and I'll try to rephotograph it tomorrow when Mr. Sun comes out.

I made this bracelet featuring wonderful glass beads made by Catherine Ondrey. I added Swarovski Crystal Rings and accented them with Cantaloupe and Light Peach Swarovski Crystals. I also added a Silver twisted toggle and lots of spacers to give it some shine! I love this piece. I am hoping to make a small earring set to go with it later today. I'll be posting it over on Etsy in a few minutes. Thanks so much for checking back in. More to come tomorrow! I'm getting back into my GROOVE! Yay!


  1. ooooh Kristen that is beautiful! I love the subtle colors!!! Gorgeous!
    Soooo excited your back to making jewelry :) I just love seeing all your creations!

  2. Thanks Carey! Feels good to accomplish what I set out to do. Weddings are work, jewelry designing is just FUN! Glad you like it!


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