Thursday, July 10, 2008

Didn't stand a chance...

There was no way I could complete that piece today. I have a wedding on Saturday, and although I am prepared I still had a multitude of last minute things to take care of that took priority over my jewelry. But, all the camera batteries are charged, and cards are ready to go. I have to find my tripod (I know where it is, but just have to grab it and my stools) and then go to the rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping to have new pics up on Sunday. Don't lose faith in me yet! I just have a full plate this weekend. But the beads are still out, and ready to be worked on, so maybe I can do something in the am with them before I go. It's Matt's official birthday tomorrow, so I have to stop at the store and pick him up a balloon or something since we had his party last weekend and he already got his gifts! Please be sure to check back, and I promise to try to get to designing as soon as I can! Have a great night!

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  1. Hi Kristen!! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you! I know the wedding pictures will turn out beautifully!!! Have a wonderful time!!


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