Sunday, February 28, 2010

A whirlwind weekend!

There was so much to be done this weekend, and I think I have managed to do most of it. And the good news is that I took some time today to clean my office. It was a disaster area!! I had gotten in some new things, silver and glass and all sorts of cool goodies! I had beads everywhere... no grasp of what my mind wanted to do first. So the best thing to do at that point, is just clean up and start fresh. So that is what I did this afternoon! I cleaned, dusted, put all my glass beads away, all my new silver pieces have a new home safe and sound and I even had time to make a pair of earrings!
It's dark out now, so I'll have to photograph tomorrow morning. I'll post the pics as soon as I can. I think I may even have some time to keep going after dinner! I hope you all got some things on your "to-do" list done this weekend. I'm feeling really good about going into a new week tomorrow. No where to go but up! 
Have a great Sunday!

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