Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it Thursday already?

Wow, this week is really flying by! Well in some eventful news this week, I've had a design accepted to the July issue of Bead Trends Magazine! So not only will I be in May, but you can look for me in July too! How exciting is that? I'm thrilled and honored to have been selected. 

I just got in a whole bunch of new beads from Jenelle, and I ordered some really beautiful beads from Melissa. She had posted up a few sets in a new style and I bought two of them! LOL! I couldn't help myself, they were so pretty! So be on the lookout for some funky new things to come with those. 

I've been working on a couple of custom requests recently so that is the reason for the lack of new designs being posted right now. But in an effort to keep things  interesting, I am offering
20% off any purchase over $50 in my Etsy Store!! 
There are so many beautiful pieces in there that really are looking for good homes. This is one of the highest percentages off that I offer and I don't do it often, so be sure to get your favorite piece before it's gone. Also, if it's a gift let me know, and I can wrap it for you! 

That being said, I'm off to get ready for Thursday night TV... what? Seriously???? 
Like I've never said THAT before! Have a great night!

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