Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little early Fall cleaning...

We moved into our house in July of 2001. We had very little in the way of furniture or "things" that we needed to store. Our china that we got as wedding gifts, my big papisan chair that I had in my college dorm room and a whole bunch of "hand me down" furniture from my mother in law. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful stuff and I appreciate it but you know how sometimes you just want to be a grown up all on your own and decorate your first house with the things that you like?
Nevertheless, over the past 8 years and 3 kids later, we have accumulated so much crap that my head is spinning! We have a little colonial style house, so you know the attic space has been finished and there are eves on each side of the room for storage. Jam.Packed. I decided today, since I am already nursing a sinus infection and the hubby thinks he's getting Bronchitis and the kids are all stuffy and sneezing and what not...but TODAY I wanted to clean the attic.
I'm SO excited to report that I took out all of the stuff that we sort of "moved in" with. Made a pile of stuffed animals (with Meghan's help, of course) that filled three contractor bags. There are books, purses and clothes, Halloween costumes, and all sorts of baby furniture (cribs, pack and plays strollers, toddler beds, etc.). Plus all the baby clothes that I have left are now in front of my washing machine so that I can get them all fluffed up and ready to display at our TAG SALE!! Yay! We've never had one, in all the years we've been here but now we've finally got enough stuff to get rid of and pass along to another good home. I think we're shooting for an October date, and whatever doesn't sell will be donated either to the homeless or goodwill or maybe both. My Dad works with the homeless outreach program and I know that we can definitely pass along some quilts and blankets, and some winter coats that we've outgrown.
It's been a crazy day, we did so much and now I'm absolutely exhausted. I did way more than I was supposed to do, with regard to lifting and now my back is killing me. A hot shower is in order and then I'm hitting the old bed!
I'm making a custom order tomorrow, so I'll try to get a few new things made as well to share! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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