Friday, September 11, 2009

I keep looking for that Silver Lining...

Still nothing to report on the bead front. I'm struggling to find the time these past couple of weeks to get up to my office to create anything. I'm absolutely sick over it. I just want to get moving and it seems like there is always something holding me back. I know that time will get less restricted soon, and things will get back on track and I can't wait for that time to come!
Sunday, for SURE, I'm going to finish that necklace I started over a week ago. I'm desperate to get it done. I'm giving myself a goal of Sunday.
What's been consuming my time you ask? It's the kids. And they come first...always. School started back at the end of August. Getting into a routine has been difficult. Meghan is now in middle school and for whatever reason, I think she has lost her mind. She is becoming extremely forgetful! She's left important papers in the locker, forgotten to tell us about the open house and has had me running all over town getting physical forms filled out so that she can try out for Volleyball. Plus then I have to help her practice, which I don't mind at all - it's good exercise!
The week before school, she got sick, remember? Then Jack got it, and last week Matt got pink eye. I've been driving to the doctor's office 1-2 times each week and I'm so sick of it. I want them to just be well! On top of doctor's appointments for myself, and Meghan's braces are going on next week...It's never ending. October is looking really good! Nice CLEAN calendar! Love that!
Last night at 2am, Jack woke up and was having trouble breathing. I mean really struggling. So I called 9-1-1 and off we went in an ambulance to the ER. He's got Croup, and his muscles were spasming which freaked him out. He's much better today! I'm so glad. But I'm exhausted. So I'm going to try to take a quick rest (yeah that means, I'm curling up with Bruce - the Cat on my recliner and closing my eyes.). All other senses will be functioning, but the eyes will be resting. Just for a little while. I'm so tired. Then tonight I am going to try to get to the office and work a little on that necklace. :)


  1. So sorry to hear about your son! That must have been really scary, but glad he's going to be okay. I hear you on the crazy schedule. I had a half day to myself this last week and I was DETERMINED to do some jewelry work. Got my supplies all laid out and everything. What happened? I fell asleep and slept the whole afternoon and then it was time to pick up the kid from school. Sigh. Hang in there. It has to get better, right?

  2. need a break mama! I'm glad you little one is better...that's scarey!

    We have a crazy weekend here...will try to give you a call and catch up!

    I miss you...get some rest!


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