Friday, May 1, 2009

Taking it slow...

Good afternoon all! I have been away from the house and blog for a few days having surgery. Nothing to be alarmed about, all is well! I am home now and resting up! I will be updating again, and having more things to show you very soon. I got in my "surprise" pieces while I was away and so this weekend, when I am not feeling so sluggish, I'll be sitting and creating! Anesthesia knocks the heck out of you, doesn't it? My parents took the kids after school today for the weekend so I have the place to myself... well the hubby will be here and the 4 cats, but there will be no screaming, yelling, crying, etc... what there will be is lots of sleeping, and creating! That's about all I can do for a few weeks anyway. No lifting. But I can lift beads and crystals, and silver and put them together! :) That's a bonus! Hang tight, I'll be putting stuff up over the next couple of days! Thanks for your patience! :)

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