Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Shop!

Good morning everyone! I will be sending out a newsletter to announce this as well, but I thought I'd start here and let you all know that I opened up a new shop in addition to my Etsy store. My new store is on 1000 Markets and you can find it by clicking the LINK here:
1000 Markets
I have decided to list different items there than I have on Etsy, so if there was something that you had your eye on in my Etsy store, check to see if I've moved it to 1000 Markets.
I know that with the economy in the state that it's in, people are spending less and less money on luxury items but there are SO many jewelry vendors on Etsy that it's really hard to stand out. I am just trying this venue out to see if I have any more success there.
Let me know your thoughts! If you have a 1000 Markets Store, how do you like it?
I'll be making more items over the next few days to re list in both places (as if I need something else to do!) so please check back!

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  1. kristen, i can't get your blog to work on IE8 either. ugh. i don't understand what the problem is! driving me nuts. mine will load sometimes and then other times not. altho in mozilla it's fine. so i'm not sure how to fix it. grrrr.


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