Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Window...lift PC... FLING it as far as you can!

Man, I hate computers! I've been having such trouble with mine, I could just scream! I had to install my Windows operating system again last night. Lost everything. Plus it's still crashing! So, I am waiting for Dell to send me a new hard drive. My warranty is up in 2 weeks, so I made a big, BIG stink! If I don't get on for a couple of days, that would be why, but please don't lose faith in me.

I'm instituting my 1 piece a day again starting today until the end of the year in preparation of the holiday shows coming up. Hopefully I can get what I need to get accomplished! I am assisting at a wedding on Saturday in NY and so I'll be gone the whole day. If I get my piece of the day done, I'll try to get it posted asap! That is, if you don't find my computer in the street! :)

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