Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a roll with rings...

I took a whole bunch of pictures of the rings I made today, but as I was walking back into the house, the growing Sedum plants caught my eye. What a perfect little resting spot for my glass beauties!
To read a little more about them visit my Facebook page and "Like" me if you'd be so kind! :) 
I've got more new things coming before the weekend, so be on the lookout! 
It's Thursday night... you know what that means!! 
Me + Grey's + Beads = One Happy Girl!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned that I made a ring, right? Well here it is!!
Michele made this bead a few years ago, along with an identical twin. My sister currently owns the other one and her ring is wire wrapped. This one will be mine because I was just practicing and it's not perfect. 
However, I LOVE how it came out! The colors in it were hard to get a focus on because they are so light and wispy, so I had to focus on the wood chip! But you get the idea.
The good thing about this new style is that before when I made a wire wrapped ring, it was whatever size it came out as (ring mandrel or not). Sometimes they don't cooperate. Plus everyone's finger size is different! So it was difficult to make rings for shows and for sale because I hated cutting wire to size it, especially if it was a good wrap! You guys that make rings know what I mean. It's wasteful! 
So this style is made on stretchy wire! I don't do much with that but I love the versatility of being able to wear it on more than one finger without having to have it sized!! HOORAY!!!

I found a whole bunch of beads I'm going to make into this style ring later today, so look for more to come and those will be for SALE! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A dainty little piece for my dainty little niece!

A few years ago, I had some large holed lampwork glass beads specially designed for the "little" girls in my life. They incorporated their favorite colors - Orange for Meg and Pink for Kailin. Keira was only an infant at the time, but she has one too...after all she is one of the girls! They wear these beads on special occassions on their silver chains and they all love them! Now that Keira is almost 4 years old she is able to enjoy hers as much as the big kids! 

Kailin is making her 1st Communion this Sunday. I made her a beautiful white Crystal and Cat's eye bracelet with a Celtic Cross charm hanging from it. She will wear it with her dress, that she is borrowing from my daughter. Another thing we can pass down from oldest to youngest! So I wanted to make Kai a special gift to go with her necklace bead. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and here are the results. I made this dainty little piece for my dainty little niece:
I hope she loves it! 
I also redesigned a good friends bracelet that she bought from me a couple of years ago. She makes me laugh, because she likes to try different styles but she LOVES these beads. I can't really blame her, they are gorgeous! So I redesign it for her from time to time. I hope she likes what I did this time! 
And... guess what else I did tonight???? I made a RING! Oh yeah, it's been a while since I have made rings only because there are certain beads I like to use and I didn't think I had any... so I went digging in my secret stash and found a few! Photo's of the one I made will follow tomorrow, because it got dark by the time I finished it! Something to look forward to, right? Have a great night!

My bad...

It's been a hectic weekend to say the least. I've been so depressed about the lack of photo's I have to show, because it's been...oh wait, I'll give you one guess... RAINING for three days!! Gosh, do I vent about anything more than the weather? :) I don't think so. It's a topic everyone can talk about and honestly, until the sun is shining until 9pm in the dead of summer, I wont be happy with the weather. 
Anyway, I feel bad about a photoless post, so I'll show you what I DID photograph this weekend.
I was asked to photograph my favorite little nuggets baptism on Sunday. Isn't she an angel?
I just love her to pieces!
Here's a couple of my other favorite photo's of the day. Daddy's little girl.
LOVE these. 
And of course we can't forget about mom. But I have to see which picture she'd let me post of her alone, you know how girls are with their pictures... I'm that way! I hate pictures of me. LOL! 
I know this one is safe!
I have my friend coming to keep me company again today so I can bead... so I promise to have some new pieces up and ready to show by later tonight! If the rain doesn't stop, I'll photograph them tomorrow. 
Hope you are all staying dry and enjoying your Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A productive day makes me HAPPY!!

I had such a nice day today! My friend Ally usually comes over on Tuesday's for a visit and she loves to keep me company while I create jewelry. It's nice for me because I can actually get something done! With the hectic schedule I have chauffeuring  everyone around, it's nice to have some quality time with a good friend and my BEADS!! Since it's school vacation week, I also had the pleasure of my sister's company today! It was 60 something degrees outside so my three kids, my sister's three kids and Ally's three (with the exception of the baby) were all outside enjoying the beautiful weather, playing badminton, volleyball and soccer in the backyard.
So this is what I got accomplished today:
And matching earrings:
Then there is the "Sweet Tea Rose" double strand bracelet made with a few of those pretty little flowers I picked up at the Gem Show last weekend.
Here's a Silver Lotus Pendant that I attached a glass drop to, and strung it on a Steel cable choker.
And several pairs of earrings:
"Feeling Lucky?"
"A Little Rain Must Fall"
"Tide Pools"
and "Goin' Fishin'"
Oh, and I almost forgot about my "Sunken Treasure" bracelet! I pulled these beads out of my secret stash, and I'm having a hard time letting them go! They were made by Catherine Ondrey, and as many of you know, she no longer makes glass beads. I'm devastated over it! But this bracelet is so worth sharing!
So I'd say I was pretty busy today, wouldn't you? :)
More to come, as I am feeling the overwhelming urge to keep this ball rolling!
Have a great night!
I was so thrilled to be featured in Etsy's new Treasury East! My Melons bracelet was picked along with some fabulous other designers work. Have a look! 
Thanks so much to Okbuyer for picking my bracelet!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And so it begins...

The designing process, where I struggle to choose what to do first! I have a home show coming up in the middle of the month of May, and although I have a ton of jewelry made, I always feel pressured to make as much as I possibly can before the show comes. There's not only the designing, but the photographing, tagging, inventorying, and listing. It's a lot of work. But don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining! I actually love it! It gives me such pleasure to be able to create new things on a weekly basis. It gives me a chance to play with my glass stash, and mix it up with my silver and crystal stash. I have to say, it's a wonderful outlet for me. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And with that, I'll show you what I made the other day!
"Bermuda Blue"
With matching earrings:
"Glowing Lanterns"
"Man on the Moon"

"Perfect Harmony"

Still thinking of a name for these...I'm stumped. 
Below we have "Geranium" 
And "Violet Skies"

And now for the bracelet that I will be adding to my brochure, but I just can't decide which photograph to select... Would you like to help me? Let me know your favorite...I'd appreciate it!!
From the top down, they are #1-8. Leave a comment if you would, with your favorite. 
I'll be making some more jewelry today, and for the next few weeks, however I am going to hold off on listing on Etsy for a bit, just so I can prepare for the show. It's just easier to keep track of things this way. If I have the time I may list a piece or two, just so you wont forget about me, but as always, you can contact me if you see something here on the blog and want first dibs! Just email me and I'll send you the price if you are interested. Ok, I'm off to do some housework, and then my creative side gets a chance to play this afternoon. Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gem Show's RULE!!!

The mere fact that I get a day out of the house to surround myself by shiny beautiful beads should be enough. But once I year I let myself go crazy and I stock up on my favorite staples, mainly Silver Toggles and Beads and a few pieces of glass from a couple of my favorite local glass artists. Here's a look at what I got today, and those of you who purchase Silver know that I spend a small fortune today. But believe me, it's WORTH it! Here's a photo of my whole stash. I'm in Heaven!! Really, I am!
And some close up's:These little glass flowers are my new addiction... Can you tell? I bought a TON of them!
And here's the Toggle Parade...
I just can't believe all the good finds I got... man, I'm exhausted!! Buying beads is hard work. But it's such a good feeling to know that I have hand selected each and every one of these pieces that go into the beautiful creations that I design for all of you. Gives me the warm fuzzies! 
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Look for some new pieces with my fun new finds to come soon!