Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned that I made a ring, right? Well here it is!!
Michele made this bead a few years ago, along with an identical twin. My sister currently owns the other one and her ring is wire wrapped. This one will be mine because I was just practicing and it's not perfect. 
However, I LOVE how it came out! The colors in it were hard to get a focus on because they are so light and wispy, so I had to focus on the wood chip! But you get the idea.
The good thing about this new style is that before when I made a wire wrapped ring, it was whatever size it came out as (ring mandrel or not). Sometimes they don't cooperate. Plus everyone's finger size is different! So it was difficult to make rings for shows and for sale because I hated cutting wire to size it, especially if it was a good wrap! You guys that make rings know what I mean. It's wasteful! 
So this style is made on stretchy wire! I don't do much with that but I love the versatility of being able to wear it on more than one finger without having to have it sized!! HOORAY!!!

I found a whole bunch of beads I'm going to make into this style ring later today, so look for more to come and those will be for SALE! :)

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  1. Very cute ring and it looks comfortable. How brilliant that you made it on stretchy stuff!


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