Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My bad...

It's been a hectic weekend to say the least. I've been so depressed about the lack of photo's I have to show, because it's been...oh wait, I'll give you one guess... RAINING for three days!! Gosh, do I vent about anything more than the weather? :) I don't think so. It's a topic everyone can talk about and honestly, until the sun is shining until 9pm in the dead of summer, I wont be happy with the weather. 
Anyway, I feel bad about a photoless post, so I'll show you what I DID photograph this weekend.
I was asked to photograph my favorite little nuggets baptism on Sunday. Isn't she an angel?
I just love her to pieces!
Here's a couple of my other favorite photo's of the day. Daddy's little girl.
LOVE these. 
And of course we can't forget about mom. But I have to see which picture she'd let me post of her alone, you know how girls are with their pictures... I'm that way! I hate pictures of me. LOL! 
I know this one is safe!
I have my friend coming to keep me company again today so I can bead... so I promise to have some new pieces up and ready to show by later tonight! If the rain doesn't stop, I'll photograph them tomorrow. 
Hope you are all staying dry and enjoying your Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pictures - isn't that doll baby absolutely precious!!

  2. Amazing photos!! I love them! Can't wait to see what you have been creating lately :)


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