Friday, August 6, 2010

A fresh coat of paint...

For me, a fresh coat of paint gives you a whole new outlook on things. We moved into our house 9 years ago and it had all Navajo White walls. Slowly we added our own personal paint choices, some lasted longer than others. The kitchen for example, has been painted at least 4 times. I keep changing my mind as to what makes me happy. And right now, I'm very pleased with the majority of the colors throughout the house. With the exception of my bedroom. It was painted once, and badly when we moved in. One of those quick rush jobs, with one coat and more attention on the trimwork so you wouldn't notice. But I notice, and so does my hubby. I'm sick of it. It's GOT to go. My bedroom flows into my office, so with the changing of the bedroom colors, I must contemplate also redoing the office.
My office space is small, but I love it. It's very cozy! I painted it a few years ago when I claimed the space as my own in a beautiful light green color called Tennessee Haze. I still love the green, but I want to punch it up a little. 
So off I went the other day to Lowes, to grab some paint samples. I was immediately drawn to THIS:

I love the fall, and these colors just spoke to me. But how do I incorporate them into my bedroom which has a beautiful rich dark (Eggplant) purple carpet. The color palette on the inside was nice, but didn't quite have what I was looking for. So I pulled a lot of different things. Then I went back the next day to Home Depot to scour their paint color choices. Between the two stores, I have narrowed my choices down to these:
For the walls in the bedroom we chose the Mojave Gold, which is the third one down on the far left swatch. There is one wall that carries into my office as well. For the ceiling in my bedroom we chose the Tundra color,  which is the middle choice on the far right swatch. This will also be the new color on the walls in my office. And for a little accent color, I think I'm going to paint my closet door in the office in the gold and the Sun Dried Tomato color. So two colors in the bedroom which go nicely with the carpet and three in the office, because there's a wonderful dark foresty green carpet in there! I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself!! 
I hope I don't hate it, but in reality I know that my tastes change so quickly that I'm sure it will be painted again in no time. :) Must be the artist in me.
Good thing my husband doesn't mind!

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