Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunflowers are by far my favorite...

I love Sunflowers. Love them. We used to have them lining our fence here by the road and people would stop and admire them while driving by. They were really tall and BIG!! Then of course there were those idiots that would drive by and knock them down. We'd find the big flowers all smashed in the middle of the road. Shame on them. They aren't there anymore because we did some landscaping over there and never replanted them. I miss them. 
Last week I got some beads from the lovely Melissa Rediger. I love her beads! As soon as I saw these I knew what their fate would be. 
So I wrapped some loops and hammered them. Then I wrapped some Topaz, Smoky Quartz and Jonquil Swarovski Crystals around them. 
Then I came back around with the seed beads and added some Sunflower Charms.
I think these are my favorite earrings that I have made in my 6 years of Jewelry Designing. 
I can't wait to find another big field of sunflowers and just take pictures!

I made this pendant a couple of weeks ago and never had a chance to photograph it. I'm also having a hard time with a name. I see a little Argyle pattern in the glass, does anyone else? 
I'll be working on some more stuff tonight and tomorrow. My goal of 10 pairs of earrings got sidetracked when the Sunflower pair took me over 2 hours to create! I just didn't want to let my vision down. :) More to come!


  1. I like your pendant Kristen. An unusual glass focal bead.

  2. So cute! Hope you don't mind if I ask this but what material did you use to wrap the seed beads around the earrings like that? Is it metal wire or beading wire? I have a necklace that I was already thinking about doing sort of a "vine" type treatment with green glass seed beads and leaves and I was trying to decide what material would hold up the best to get that effect. If you don't want to give away your secret - no worries.

  3. gorgeous! i love what you did with the seed beads. they're lovely!

  4. Hi Kristen, Just have to say that I Love, Love, Love the sunflower earrings. I've been admiring your work for a while now & decided to finally say hi. We are practical neighbors. I am from MA. My parents live in Woodstock, CT which is in Windham county.

  5. Kristen~love the sunflowers! What a fun way to use those textured beads. The pendant is stunning. I love that design on the bead. It does look like argyle!


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