Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's here, It's here!!!

I could be talking about a multitude of things this week! First, Summer vacation is here! The kids celebrated their last day of school on Wednesday. HOORAY!!
They were so excited to be done for the year, and believe me...I think that I am more excited than they are!! No more running around like a maniac!
We did our errands today, and even went to the bookstore to get them each a book from their reading lists. I have some kids that are eager to get their summer packets done early. I am all for it! 
And the other thing that is here, well that is now in my possession
after the bookstore run today, is the July issue of Bead Trends!! 
I went over to check to see if it was out yet and there it was!! There were actually only two on the shelf, and there are usually many more copies so I'm not sure how long it's been out but one came home with ME!! :)
Here's my photo's of it that I submitted.
Whoooohoo!! I'm so excited! You can find my beautiful "Atlantic Meets Pacific" bracelet on pages 92-93. It looks gorgeous in the magazine, and it's such an honor to have had it chosen. 
That's the last publication for the time being, I'll be working on some other things soon in that respect but I'm back to focusing on creating new things to share with all of you! 
It's going to be a busy Summer, I can tell already. But I'm looking forward to hanging out with my kids, who both did excellent this year in school! Meghan made High Honors!! I'm so proud of both of them! They are at a great age now where they want to do fun things, so we're making our list of potential activities. Mini golf, Aquarium, Zoo, walking trails. I am even going to try to hit the track with Meg a few times a week to try to increase my walk to a jog or a slow run. She may want to try out for Track next year and so I don't think it will hurt either of us to go out there and do a little more than a fast paced walk. Wish me luck!

New things coming in the next couple of days!! The whirlwind is winding down, and so my creative brain can begin to work again! :)


  1. Figures!! I am the featured designer and I don't even get an advance copy!! lol. LOVE the bracelet! Great job :)

  2. Kristen! Congrats, that is so awesome! Your bracelet is so awesomely gorgeous. It totally should have been on the front cover of the magazine. Great job, friend.

  3. Yay, and congratulations! You should be SOOOO proud!


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