Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little remodeling goes a long way!

So 9 years ago, we bought our lovely home. Added much love and put our own touches on it to make it ours. In our living room, my husband insisted on a nice white Berber carpet. It looked SO pretty when it went in!
(This is 2001, before anything was done to the living room, with the exception of paint and making the double door opening behind Meghan. That was a solid wall!)
Meghan was only 4 years old when we moved in! :) She looks so tiny to me!
The above photo's were the original, beautiful white carpet. At the time, there was only 1 child and three cats. We put in the French doors to keep out the 1 child and those 3 cats, because this was going to be the "Formal" living room. 

So much for that.
Fast forward 9 years... there are now three kids, and 4 cats (still two of the original, there was one in between that was killed by a speeding idiot driver outside, and now two new). That carpet was disgusting. I didn't want to even sit on it. 6 years ago I said to Clay, we should take that carpet out. His way, the floor is not finished underneath, remember? 
Um, yes I do remember, I took very good photo documentation of it!! But one of the older cats started to use the corner of the carpet as a liter box and so alas, the once beautiful, now gross disgusting carpet was violently ripped out of the room a couple of weeks ago and taken to it's final resting place at the dump!
The un-level and un-insulated floor underneath was taken up and repaired by the amazing hubby!
There was a fireplace here at one point (the house is 100 years old, but we never saw it) that's the remainder of the chimmney. 
Now nice and level and toasty warm underneath, it's been FIXED the way it should have been a long time ago. 
And then there was new...

And the finished room... I like it so much better than the original way we did it! 
We have the same furniture, and some of the same pictures, but we changed the paint colors several times. I think I am finally content!! 

And on the seventh day, she rested... and went for a pedicure! ;)
Don't worry, Clay is sleeping in too.


  1. The floor is amazing!! When we bought our house it had white carpet in it too. I don't need to tell you what it looks like now!! We hope to replace it soon. Now speaking of carpet, Evie just dumped a bottle of foundation on it!!! argh!!

  2. Looks gorgeous! How wonderful you have such a handy husband.


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