Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Tuesday?

I get confused after a long weekend! I went to bed last night thinking it was Sunday, good thing I was taping my Monday night shows! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my Memorial Day Sale! I hope you enjoy your new pieces!

In the meantime, I've been cooking up some Summer fun this weekend! My stretchy rings were such a HUGE hit a couple weeks back, that I decided to branch out into Toe Rings! 
I LOVE Toe Rings!
These are stretchy as well and you can wear one or stack a few!
Mix and match your colors! There's So much variety, that really anything goes!
These are Ann's lovely toes! Her feet are nice and tan and she had a pedicure! Plus it's hard to take pictures of your own toes! LOL! These are just some examples of how you can stack them up. These are ours, so don't worry, you wont receive used ones. Your Toe rings will be custom made just for you! 
To see some color choices, visit my Facebook Page, and look for the "Rings" photo album!

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