Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silly, Random and totally useless information...

Yesterday was a long day. I decided to head up to Newburyport, MA with my mother to enjoy the COLD but sunny day. We stopped in at Sisters We Three to see what jewelry they selected to have out for the month and to my pleasant surprise I had two of my gorgeous pieces in the front store window! Catching all the sunlight, showing off their true beauty! 
The ride for us is three hours up, and three hours back. So we wandered a bit through the boutiques and then went to the Grog for lunch. We eat there everytime we go. The food is so awesome, and I get the same dish each time. We start off with a huge bowl of muscles for an appetizer... they are smothered in a very rich garlic and butter sauce. Yum. Then I get the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito. It's so simple, but so delicious! I can only eat half because the darn thing is HUGE, so I took the other half home and ate it for dinner before anyone else even knew it was there.My mom always gets the same thing too and unfortunately they were out of her favorite Chocolate Mousse for dessert...that was the only downfall. But it was a nice long lunch with my mom and great atmosphere, food and conversation. 

On the way home, we stopped for gas and grabbed a tea from the rest stop. I only use sugar in my tea, but my mom adds creamer. Here's the funny thing. I was complaining that my tea was SO hot and she said her's was fine, because she put "Mini Moo's" in it. 
Oh my god, I thought I was going to drive off the road I was laughing so hard. I said that I would have to blog about it and see if anyone else heard of that?? She's been my mother for 39 years and I've never heard her call it a "Mini Moo" in my life! It was a riot!!! 
Ok, so I ask you...
What do YOU call these little packets that you add to your coffee/tea? I'm very curious now to see what other names are out there that I have not heard!! 
Let's hear them...


  1. That's cute!! I never heard that either. Honestly I think the only thing I ever heard it called was a creamer. Pretty boring really! Have a great day :) Oh and I still have not drilled those charms yet!! lol

  2. The Land O'Lakes creamers are actually called "mini moos" on the label :) I just saw them last weekend at our hotel breakfast spread.

  3. OH!!! So that's where she got it!!! They must have Land O' Lakes at the hospital where she works! LOL! That's a riot!


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