Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm so behind...but catching up FAST!

I know, I know... the whole Twilight rage has come and gone and I'm so behind the times! I borrowed Twilight (the book) from Ann about 8 months ago. I had every intention of reading it right away. But as you know, with three kids, a husband, a house and two businesses to run...who has time to read? So I finally picked up the book last Friday night. I was done with it by Sunday. HAD TO GET NEW MOON, immediately. I couldn't wait to borrow a copy from the numerous people that I'm sure already have it so I ran out and bought it on Monday. I read the first 100 pages that night. I have been trying desperately to get this new bracelet done that I'm working on too, so I did that Tuesday until my fingers hurt so bad I had to put it down. I rested my fingers last night as well, and so after dinner I marched myself upstairs at 6:30pm and read until Midnight, 500 pages later...New Moon...DONE!
Eclipse, please!
Guess I'm going out to get that one tonight! I promise to work on that bracelet some more too. I am determined to get it done to show you!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love those books!! I wish I owned them, I would read them over and over again. lol Can't wait to see the bracelet!! My fingers hurt too, from making my charms! I can't wait to send them to you :)


  2. Wish I'd known - I have all the books and would have been glad to send 'em to you!


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