Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm confused...Is that the SUN I see out there?

It's been a couple of really dark days here, and this morning there were snowflakes. EEEEK!! But now, the sun is shining! Crazy day! I took full advantage of the beautiful light coming in my window to photograph the jewelry I made over the weekend. Just like I promised! ;)
Here we go:
Lady Buggin' was made with these awesome glass beads I found from Serena. They totally caught my eye, especially since I still have a couple of stray Lady Bugs flying around my bedroom. I don't have the heart to put them outside, they have obviously found a nice warm place to be this winter so who am I to change their fate? Although, I DO wish that they wouldn't be so feisty at night while I'm trying to sleep! :)

Next up is "Mossy Falls". I love Melissa's Bent Beads, and I have had this one in my secret stash for a while. I decided it was time to share. Plus, I finally found the perfect color green Swarovski Crystal to go with it!

And finally, a new woven bracelet that I made in my favorite colors, Green and Purple! I'm calling this combo "Orchid" because that's what they remind me of! This will be added to the list of color combination's available! I'm taking orders for these bracelets currently, and if you don't see the color scheme you like, just ask! I'm open for anything!

Look for these to be listed on Etsy tonight!
More to come, as I got in some more beads yesterday! I love them! Can't wait to show you! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. You got some great stuff there, Kristen! And how come you got sun? *I* didn't get any! No fair! (as my kid would say)

  2. Wowza!! Those are amazing!! I love the bent bead!! I wish I knew how to make one. We got a little sun today too, it's certainly cheers you up after a dreery week!



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