Sunday, June 14, 2009

A very busy weekend!

And a fine time was had by all! I have been running like a maniac since Friday morning and today will be a much needed day to put my feet up, hang with an old friend and just chill out!
Here are a few photo's from the various events this weekend.
First up is Ann Marie, it was her sister that got married Friday night and she was the Maid of Honor. Doesn't she look beautiful?
Here's the happy couple - Congratulations to Annette and Steve!
Here's trouble with a Capital "T"! Heidi, Jacky, Me and Ann!
Here's a shot of me wearing my necklace and earrings that I made. I know some of you wanted to see it on, so here it is! It was so much fun, got a lot of attention and is definitely something I will wear again and again!
Last night was the Dance Recital for my Sister, and her two daughters. It was a family affair, and the whole 11th row was taken up by us to see the girls dance! Here's a picture of Meghan before we left the house.
And here are the Dancing Queens!We had a blast! Now it's back to reality!
I'll have new stuff to show this week!
Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Looks like a very busy weekend full of lots of fun family activities. Your necklace and earrings looked great on--it's fun to see them modeled for a change!

  2. how awesome!!!! I was hoping you would post a picture. It looks so nice on you! I have to ask, did the flower stay to the side or want to move to the middle? I have made so many necklaces with it on the side and started to think about that. At any rate, great pictures and thanks so much for sharing!


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