Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy Day Jewels...

Oh man, am I sick of this rain! Geez, it seems like that's our everyday weather these days! Rain, rain, rain! BORING! :)
Anyway, what better to do on a rainy day but make some jewels!
The top photo is of the earrings that I made today to go with my necklace (that I made yesterday) for the wedding tomorrow! LOVE!
Simple, all seed beads, but about 3 inches long and dangly!
Gorgeous Ring bracelet in an awesome summer color! Looks like grapefruit!
Carey's Disks and some pretty silver spiral charms!
Melissa's Glass Beads with Amethyst and Olivine Swarovski Crystals!

All of these (with the exception of my earrings) will be listed on Etsy later on tonight! Or maybe 1000 Markets... Either way, I'll let you know where they are once they are posted. (UPDATE: They are on Etsy!)

Guess what the forecast for tomorrow is... Yep, you got it! RAIN! Rain is good luck for the wedding couple but a major pain in the butt for everyone involved. I'm on the hunt for all of my big umbrella's!

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