Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mad Dash!

I went to work this morning at 9am, right after dropping my daughter off at school. I did not stop until 4pm, and that was only to step outside before the light went away so I could photograph what I made today! These will be either added to a display board or taken with me to the craft fair or put up on Etsy... can't decide. But I'll know by the end of the evening where their fate lies.

There's a LOT here! Can't wait to go back upstairs in my office and make MORE!!! I'll be beading every day until December 6th, for the Holiday Spectacular. After that perhaps I'll get a small break. I do know though that if I do bead constantly until then, that I'll be in desperate need of new glass! I'm digging into my bead boxes and coming out with some beautiful glass that I have not seen in a while! I'm a hoarder, in case you have not figured that out by now!

Ok, back tomorrow with more! Hope you have a great night!


  1. Wow, Kristen! You're really motivated! I can't find enough time myself to make lots of jewelry,(and believe me,I have lots of beads and ideas). It's hard when other things are on my plate, ie: looking for a part time job, and trying to market my jewelry as well.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful Kristen!! You have been working hard! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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