Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little hand sanitizer, please pass the Salsa...oh and a bloody finger to boot!

This weekend there was a gem show in Hartford... oooh I was SO excited to go. I had planned to go on Sunday, but since it rained on Saturday the hubby didn't have any lawns to mow so I got to go a day early. I was on a mission! I wanted some Smoky Quartz. Not really expensive, just some different varieties/shapes of it because it's one of my favorites. I'm sure you can see the color kick I was on on this particular gem show run. It's all about the neutrals today!
Let's tackle the Bloody finger first! LOL! This is Ann's new necklace I made her. She bought this glass bead from Maureen at Pumpkin Hill Beads at the last gem show we went to and I personally think it's disgusting! But she loves it! It's an oozy, green, bruised and bloody finger. Perfect for Halloween! I just say...YUCK! :)
Here are some shots of my goodies from the Gem Show. There are three strands of Smoky Quartz in the mix. One that is micro faceted, then there is a strand of lighter colored briolettes and then a darker strand of big nuggets. I love smoky quartz! These are so beautiful and I plan on using every last one of them.
I also found some stands of glass beads that are similar to Czech Style beads, but they were called "Chinovski". Normally I wouldn't even look twice, because I'm a Swarovski Girl through and through, however, they just caught my eye. The colors were so sparkly and the fact that they were beautiful neutral colors they came home with me.
And last but not least, here's another stash of Bali Toggle's! LOVE them! I was running low and I love the fact that I can hand select the toggles at these shows. That way if I get a bad one, it's my fault, and no one else's.

After our trip to the gem show, Ann and I went out for Chips and Salsa at On The Border... THE.BEST.MEXICAN.FOOD.EVER! Plus we couldn't wait to wash our hands after sifting through all the bins of silver and just being around all those people...That's the only downfall.., too many grubby hands...good thing we both keep hand sanitizer in our cars. That held us off until we got to the restaurant to really clean them!

So, there was little in the way of designing this weekend, unfortunately. I had to help with some moving of furniture in the house and I was working on my books for HOURS!!! Damn program is supposed to be easy to import your Excel files into and I struggled with it for far too long. I'm not a genius, but I'm not an idiot either. I've worked with Excel for years, I know how to merge documents and I'm quite "techie" but for the life of me I could not get my inventory spreadsheet to load into quickbooks. I finally gave up and I'm now entering my inventory one piece at a time. Oh my gosh, I'm going to be doing that for at least a week. I have a lot of inventory! LOL! Oh well, once it's in there it's in there.

I had a good Etsy weekend sales wise and I'm thrilled to have sold several beauties. I'm on a mission to make some more tomorrow. I still have lots of idea's swirling about in the ole' brain, but have not had two minutes to sit and get them out!! I will rabbit, I will! Tomorrow... yes, definitely tomorrow!


  1. Lots of cool swag from your show! It will be fun to see how you use it! :-)

  2. sounds like a great weekend!!! Wish I could have hung out with you and Ann....I miss you guys!

  3. Thanks Rickie, I'm workin' on it! :) Carey, we're gonna have to plan that. Definitely need a catch up visit soon! Are there any bead show in Las Vegas? LOL!

  4. You got some great stuff at the show - can't wait to see what you do with it. Oh, and the empanadas at On The Border are TO DIE FOR!


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