Monday, October 5, 2009

Fighting the Boredom Blues...

Been searching around for a new blog background... I was SO bored with the black. I liked it, but I was bored. I'm bored with everything lately! Absolutely everything! That's my newest saying. So along with "Seriously", and "SHUT-up", I'm adding "I'm Bored". LOL! But this background really lifted my spirits! I googled and searched Yahoo all darn day looking for something that would compliment the 3 column style, as well as fit into my color scheme and I'm in love with this one. What do you all think? I'm not really a Black kinda girl. Brown is my black. But when I chose the colors for my remodeling of my marketing materials, I just think that the black stood out and looked really professional with the green. And now I'm kinda liking the black... And green's my favorite color. So it kind of all just fell into place! YAY! It's nice when that happens!


  1. I get bored with "everything", too, on occasion so I feel your pain LOL! Like the new background, but the text is slightly more difficult to read. You might need to darken or bold your text so it stands out more or soften the background color just a TAD.

  2. oooh Good suggestion! Ok, I bolded the font so hopefully that makes it easier to read! Thanks so much for letting me know!


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