Sunday, January 15, 2012

Very cold, but creative day!

It's so cold here. I'm absolutely chilled through. The thermometer outside said 9 degrees this morning. 
Uh... NOT happy.
I bundled up the kiddo's, surprisingly they did not argue when I told them it was not even 10 degrees outside. Ran my errands this morning, and was home and ready to design by early afternoon. 
I vowed to get a lot done today, design wise. Thinking about doing several earrings or some quick little bracelets or something to prepare for Valentines Day. But, as I was looking through my bead stash, I saw these...
And I had to play.
This Charm bracelet is called "Celestial Stargazers" and it will be listed on Etsy tonight or tomorrow. 
 I love these beads, they were made by the lovely Melissa Rediger, and I have another set to play with too... blues. Can't wait. 
I'll get this listed and a couple other things in the next couple of days, then focusing on stocking The Wishing Well in Sandy Hook with Valentines Day pieces! 
More to come.

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  1. That is wonderful. And the beads are outstanding!


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