Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Water water everywhere!!

You'll have to forgive my lack of posting. I'm taking a break from dumping the shop vac as we speak! 
We've had a miserable winter here in CT, and on top of all the snow we've had, we had a TON of rain over the past few days. The river by our house flooded the streets again and in addition to that, our basement. We had to break down and purchase a sump pump and that seems to be helping with the issue, but not before I had to physically suck up countless gallons of water on my own with the shop vac. Every 15 seconds I was lugging the darn thing up the stairs and dumping it outdside! I'm exhausted! And very sore. What a workout! The pump is working great, but there are remnants that I still need to get with the shop vac...boo! I'll be back on track soon! Cross your fingers for us, we're expecting more rain in the next couple of days! :( 
Hope you are all dry where you are!


  1. Hey Kristen,I know exactly how u feel, we rely on a sump pump to keep water out of our basement, but with all the melting snow & added rain here in Ont. my basement flooded too. The one pump couldn't keep up so we had to hook up 2.Give your back a good stretch and sorry about your flood ttfn :)

  2. Oh Kristen, so sorry. You have had a heck of a winter in CT. I'm sending sunshine and good thoughts your way!


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