Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March is a busy birthday month...

I have many birthday's in March to celebrate. The first two are done!
My niece just turned 9, and she wanted "Auntie" jewelry for her birthday present. Naturally I was happy to design something especially for her. 
Big girl jewelry. 
Here's her bracelet. I love the color combo!! She asked for blue/green. I am going to have to have one of these for myself, I think! :) 
And for my best friend, Ann. She loves the beach. I know this. So I wanted to make her something to remind her of her favorite place. 
Here's her "Sand and Sea" cluster ring!
Here it is on her lovely hand!! Happy Birthday to my girls! :) 
There's more coming!
Hope you have a great day!


  1. Lucky girls! I want auntie/friend jewelry too ;o) Gorgeous as always Kristen.

  2. OMG! what gorgeous gifts. It's wonderful that your friends and family greatly value your handmade gifts :)*My* birthday is in July ;)

  3. Very pretty...I particularly love that ring.

  4. Beautiful Kristen!!!! ....my Birthday is in December :)

  5. Lol, see what I started ^^. I bet you probably expected that though ;)

  6. This is beautiful. Your friend is lucky!


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