Thursday, December 3, 2009

The past two days have been a bust for me at the computer, but that just means that I was busy creating! Here's a few photo's of what I've been up to!


Here's a piece made with some diamond shape beads I got from Yee at the Glass Turtle a LONG time ago!
I was hoarding them... ;) I asked her to make me some beads to match my favorite Very Bradley pattern, and she made my own special blend for her version of Java Blue!

Here are some SFD mini organics that I strung together with some black and sparkly clear!

And here are a couple of beautiful focals that I got from Catherine Howard. The colors and designs are just spectacular!

All of this designing time has kept me off the computer. But I promise today to try to get some of these listed on Etsy! I have a show coming up on December 11th so the store will be taken offline at that point. Don't let your favorite get away!
Be back tomorrow with more!


  1. You are just a creative wizard--love the earrings with the wirewrapped loops and beads at the top...and I have wirewrap envy at how nice your wraps are! Hugs!

  2. Your stuff is beautiful, as always!


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