Monday, December 21, 2009

Ann's Christmas Present...A little early

Unfortunately, we had a little bad news this morning. My best friend had her car broken into last night and the very selfish person who did it stole her GPS, her IPod and some cash, and totally ransacked the car. She was so sad, and I was so sad for her.
The police said that it's very common at this time of the year for these things to happen, but really that doesn't help make her feel better. It's just awful to have this happen to you, and I know how she feels. It's happened to me before and I'll say sucks.
I sat last night and made her a bracelet for Christmas... and being the good friend that I am, I gave it to her early to cheer her up!

Here's the front and back view... I just LOVE these bracelets!

Ann's is made with light blue Swarovski pearls, Light Sapphire and Black Diamond 2AB Swarovski Crystals, blue seed beads, and a Bali Toggle. Can you tell what her favorite color is?

Merry Christmas Ann, I hope that all the sparkles in your new bracelet make you smile just a little bit in light of all the bad things that went on today!


  1. So sorry to hear what happened to you friend..that is horrendous. But what a sweet gesture to cheer her up! What a beautiful bracelet!!

  2. You are a wonderful friend :) I hope Ann is blessed with more to make up for her loss. Merry Christmas!!


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