Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coming up

I had a great show on Friday night! What a beautiful home and I got to set up on a HUGE dining room table, so I had a great display all spread out and just sparkling in the well lit room. I got spoiled and now I want everyone to have a nice big spot for me! ha ha I'll take whatever I can get and am just appreciative of being welcomed into people's homes. There was a great turnout, and the response to the swirly earrings was better than I thought. I received a couple orders for them and will have to make more for next time! I have another show this coming Friday at the home of a good friend. We did one last November also and it was such fun! Wonderful people, good friends, and a great opportunity for christmas shopping! After that it's open house time! Lot's of work to do, but it's fun and I am really loving every minute of it!

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