Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Fall Fav's...

Love the Fall. The clean, crisp air. I love wearing my sweaters (with my flip flops). The colors always inspire me. Summer is gone, and this summer I spent so much time with my kids they must be sick of me. Oh I hope not. But we did so many things! New things, fun things, and the fun has just begun. Fall is here, and that means leaf peeping and pumpkins and lots of photos and memories.
 Hiking was a big thing this summer! I love waterfalls, so we're still hunting for more!
 Pumpkin Picking is an all time fav here. I need a recipe for pie... for sure!
 Catchin' a ride to the pumpkin field!
 Tree Climbing!
 Skippin' Rocks!
 Enjoying the sunset
 Cliff-side seat... just chilling out.
This Summer was about the kids. Enjoying their time off from school, and trying new things. I'm thrilled that they had such a blast. 
I have had little time to design, however, now that they are back in school, we'll save our outings for the weekends and I'll have time to play during the day.
  Here are a few of the new things I've cooked up!
 "Lady Buggin'" Glass Bead Bracelet
 I'm loving the memory wire... Here's a new design I'm playing with. I think I love it!
 For Halloween, my favorite holiday!
 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I have a few of these. Love how they came out!
 Some pretty Fall colors
 And of course, Green and Black.
 This one is a bracelet.
I'm going to spread out a few of the new things among some local shops and my Etsy store.
I will be back with more photo's soon. Getting back into the groove and very excited to spend some more time doing the things I love. 
Off to grab my sweater and get designing!

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  1. You are such a great mom! It inspires me to be a better one :) I love what you made, I have been working with Memory wire again since early summer, created my Stackables, bracelets I sell at my shows only. Fun :) They actually look a lot like that beautiful one you made at the bottom, but without the dangles :)
    Have a wonderful fall and enjoy those kids!


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