Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flower girls...

So in addition to making jewelry, I also love photography and I do a couple of weddings a year. I just did a wedding for a very good friend of mine and I have decided that I am in love with this picture I took of the flower girls. This is also my favorite picture of the bride thus far. I'll be editing pictures for a while, and putting jewelry on the back burner for about a week. I may try to sneak in a piece or two while letting my eyes rest! Congratulations Marybeth and Jeff! It was an honor to share your special day with you!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Originally I thought that this set was going to have a lot more dark blue in it from the photograph by the glass artist. While I understand that there are always variations in custom made beads, these truly came to me with a multitude of colors other than blue. And you know what??? I LOVE them! The perfect blend of purples, blues and aqua. A great set to wear with Jeans. I am a huge fan of hammered silver pieces and have finished this one with an oval toggle. Jennelle, you have done it again! Lovely glass beads to enhance my designs.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Claiming the title...

Claiming the title of my new favorite piece of jewelry is this beautiful piece that I made last night from beads that I have been hoarding in my secret stash. They were made by the very talented Carrie Berry of Hardwood Trail Glass. I have had this design in my head for so long and knowing how long it would take me to actually sit down and do it, it ended up on the back burner for longer than I wanted it to. The kids were playing nicely together, so I ran up to my office, turned on my "walking" music (which consists of some really great heart pumping songs) and went to town! I love how it turned out and will be wearing it today, tomorrow and maybe for the rest of my life! ha ha Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wine Country!

Oh my goodness, I had to post a picture of my new watch! I was in need of a new watch and wasn't sure what beads I wanted to use. So one day I was browsing my favorite sites and I ordered beads from two different glass artists, Sorta Flowering Designs, and Susan Sheehan. Green and Purple are my favorite colors and when I saw that these two artists had beads that I imagined would compliment each other well, I decided to go for it! After fighting with the post office (since they lost one of my packages) I sent a note to Susan to ask her to remake my Wine Country Set of beads. She did a fabulous job, and I will now be a faithful follower of hers! Great quality beads, and Jennelle of SFD is also a wonderful and talented glass artist. I sat last night and made my watch, and I was not stopping until it was done! American Idol or not! Needless to say I missed the show, but look what I have in place of it! LOVE it!! Thanks to my new friends, for these beautiful beads. I'll be talking to you again soon, I'm sure!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

February already?

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is February already! It's been a busy month, although unfortunately it has not been with jewelry designing. I have been going back and forth to the chiropractor so he can try to help me with my back problems my husband has been building a beautiful ceiling at my parents home. So needless to say there has been much too little time for me to sit and design jewelry.
I have a few pieces on display at Evinda Kasper & Associates in Middlebury. She is graciously letting me bring in new items from time to time and has had a great response to them so far! Gearing up for Valentines Day, I tried to send in pieces with a couple of the favorite colors that represent the holiday, red and pink. Although I did break the mold and created a killer necklace on sterling wire with metallic blue's featuring a silver wrapped heart made by Deb Rosely of Littlecrow Glass Art. I really wanted to keep this necklace and if it does not sell, then I just might! The other necklace above features a gorgeous red glass pendant made by Julian Leviano and I strung it on poppy colored leather cord. I accented it with hand wrapped coils (gold colored wire over silver) and made earrings to match! This one looks so pretty on, it's truly unique!
Be back soon with more updates!